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    Aviation Medicine

    Aviation medicine is a medical specialty which combines aspects of preventive, occupational, environmental and clinical medicine with the physiology and psychology of man in flight. It is concerned with the health and safety of those who fly, namely the crew and passengers, as well as the selection and performance of those who hold aviation licenses (from The South African Civil Aviation Authority).

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    Travel Medicine

    A branch of medicine that specializes in diseases and conditions that are acquired during travel. Travelers to different countries should be aware of the potential for acquiring diseases and injury which are not common in their own country. Immunizations, preventative medications, and general precautions should be considered prior to trips to different parts of the world.

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    Diving Medicine

    Diving medicine also called undersea and hyperbaric medicine (UHB), is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions caused by humans entering the undersea environment. It includes the effects on the body of pressure on gases, the diagnosis and treatment of conditions caused by marine hazards and how relationships of a divers fitness to dive affect a divers safety.

TESTS performed At Occudocs

On site testing and equipment at Occudocs includes the following:

  • Complete general physical examination, including all organ systems of the body.
  • Cardiovascular: 12 channel electrocardiograms ECG.
  • Respiratory: Spirometry (Lung Function) testing.
  • Hearing assessment: Audiometer in a soundproof hearing booth 1.
  • Eye examination and testing, utilizing an Optec 2000P 2 vision screener.
  • Blood Pressure.
  • Body Mass Index assessment.
  • Blood Glucose tests.
  • Drug testing (if required).
  • Urinalysis.

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